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New Hellboy Fanfic: The Desperate Kingdom of Love - Hellboy Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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New Hellboy Fanfic: The Desperate Kingdom of Love [Feb. 7th, 2012|04:52 pm]
Hellboy Fans


Title: The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Author: Elise Archer (lovedatjoker/princessebee/clownyprincess/ any number of other usernames I have :P)
Pairing: HellboyxAlice Monaghan
Warnings: Sex! Sex, sex, sex! Not just sex, there's all sorts of relationship development stuff and musing on the upcoming events too but half of it is sex. Not pornographic but frank. Mild spoilers for the events of The Wild Hunt, obliquely foreshadows The Storm
Verse: Strictly comic-verse, adhering to canon. 
Type: One-shot
Rating: Hard-M
Feedback: Yes please, concrit welcome! 
Summary: Fills the gap between The Wild Hunt, where HB & Alice were just obviously really into each other, and The Storm, where they're officially a couple. I love this pairing a lot and wish we'd seen more of it on the page than what we got. I love movieverse HellboyxLiz too, but heaps has been written about them and nothing about these two and that really surprised me... I wanted to see more about the development of their relationship and since it didn't already exist... I decided to write it. Ta da.

A/N: I worked really hard on this to make it layered and beautiful and balance between Hellboy's complex internal world and his simple, unelaborate way of communicating, his fears about himself and his determinations about himself. I've never written Hellboy before and strove to depict him as how he is (to my reading) in the comics; I can only hope I succeeded.

The fic itself is over on FanFiction.net - I have Anonymous reviews open so you don't need an account, and I would dearly love feedback, reviews and concrit. Many thanks!