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Hellboy Fans

There's plenty of room in the handbasket.

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This is a community for Hellboy fans interested in sharing fanworks or engaging in character discussion.

All fanfiction and fanart is welcome, whether they be set in movieverse or comicverse. All genres are acceptable: gen, het, slash, rpf/rps.

All fics or art must be placed behind a lj cut with appropriate headers and content warnings.


Title: My Title
Author: My Name
Pairing: Pairing(s) if applicable.
Warnings: Warnings if applicable. It should be obvious, but this is especially important for things like Character Death and NCS/Rape.

If you are posting a large batch of icons, please only post a few samples with the remainder hidden behind a cut.

In order to keep this a friendly community, do not publicly flame or give unsolicited harsh criticism. OT (Off-topic) posts are discouraged, as are posts containing nothing but quiz results.

If you are looking for general discussion, please visit bprd

The moderators for this community are ponderosa121, lasergirl, and niceguymolly. Any questions may be directed to one of them.